Wednesday, May 11, 2016, the doors of the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris have opened for awards in the International Contest of children’s drawings « Draw me Peace ». The contest, organized by two international associations,  » Club de Chance » and » Institute Nenuphar », was announced in January 2016 and lasted for three months. During this time, the designs have come from different countries of the world on the themes of  peace, solidarity and humanity.

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Reportage of FDM TV on the Final of the Contest in the French Senate 

Members of the international jury of 2016:

  • Jean-Michel Verger – president of the jury, art collector, gallery owner (France)
  • Irina Belaye – coordinator of the jury, painter, sculptor, photographer (France, Estonia)
  • Claude Moskalenko – painter (France)
  • Sarah Jadui – painter (France, Tunisia)
  • Francis Mbella – painter (France, Cameroon) .

The jury evaluated the work in three age categories: children from 4 to 7 years ( « Peace nestlings »), children from 8 to 12 years and adolescents from 13 to 16 ans.

In total, the project involved more than 300 children from 16 countries: Armenia, Belarus, China, USA, Georgia, Estonia, France, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine.

The largest number of medals and diplomas was handed over to China, Russia and Georgia.

Georgia sent to Paris the winner of the national semifinal Saskia Annelor Buhr, she came with her family. Russia was represented by the winner Olga Komarovskaya and Estonia by Victoria Andreeva. Several finalists in Paris and the Parisian region attended the ceremony. All winners received medals, diplomas and gifts from organizers and the jury. Among the French schools, we received « Ivetik », Joliot-Curie, art center « Surprise » and many others. All schools and organizations – participants of the competition received a catalog, displaying the 50 best works of children – winners in 2016.

Among the guests of honor at the ceremony was present Mrs. Senator Aline Archimbaud, who personally congratulated the children, their parents, guests and organizers for taking this important initiative: to promote the ideas of peace and peaceful coexistence between adults and children through the prism of the children’s imagination by the artistic figure, by means of paint, brushes and pencils.

After the official ceremony in the Senate, the guests of the event were invited to the concert, which took place in the hall of the French Federation of UNESCO with the participation of artists from England, Israel, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine in the framework of « We wish you peace and happiness! »

The project allowed of us, children and adults, to express our commitment to the ideas of peace in today’s world, that is not always filled with the best intentions.

Today our main task is to organize exhibitions in various parts of the world. We hope that next year our initiative will attract other countries and organizations to share with us the vision of a peaceful world.

Marina Vasilyeva – Vice President of the International NGO « Club of Chance »

Photos by Yulia Luneva see here

The 50 International winners and their drawings

Drawings-Peace-2016 – 4-7 ans
Drawings-Peace-2016- 8-12 ans
Drawings-Peace-2016 – 13-16 ans

Surname, Name Age City Country
Category (4-7 y.o.)
Abudula Ayizeba 5 years Turpan China
Hassanzadah Sam Leo 4 years Lucinges France
Luzhnykh Marta 6 years Paris France
Magret Sofiya 7 years Paris France
Mishkina Serafima 7 years Glasov Russia
Sipahi Mina 7 years Tbilisi Georgia
Strutinskaya Anastasia 7 years Kharkov Ukraine
Subani Kuerbanjiang 6 years Atushi China
Usenashvili Taso 4 years Tbilisi Georgia
Zibi Lina 7 years Anthony France
Surname, Name Age City Country
Category (8-12 y.o.)
Ailifeire Maimaitiming 11 years Urumchi China
Aisima Abuduwaili 9 years Atush China
Aliyimure Abudureyimu 9 years Urumchi China
Andrejeva Viktoria 12 years Tallinn Estonia
Ansaer Kama li Ding 11 years Xinjiang China
Areziguli Yimamu 12 years Urumchi China
Cortial Antoine 12 years Bures-sur-Yvette France
Kailibinuer Abudoukadeer 11 years Urumchi China
Kil Vlada 11 years Yessentuki Russia
Londaridze Tamar 8 years Tbilisi Georgia
Manzire Parenati 10 years Atush China
Mubina Alimujiang 11 years Urumchi China
Papin-Paktoris Efim 10 years Bures-sur-Yvette France
Polianskaia Vlada 10 years Yessentuki Russia
Ryabova Nastya 12 years Saint Petersburg, Kolpino Russia
Sadi re ding Sai pi Ding 10 years Atush China
Semenov Timour 8 years Paris France
Sisoeva Irina 11 years Yessentuki Russia
Zuli Yar Yisilamu 9 years Atush China
Zulitumar Muhetar 9 years Atush China
Surname, Name Age City Country
Category (13-16 y.o.)
Botirov Shoxrux 15 years Shahrisabz Uzbekistan
Botchoidze Gvantsa 15 years Tbilisi Georgia
Buerjiaer Wumaier 15 years Urumchi China
Chichikova Anastasia 13 years Saint Petersburg, Kolpino Russia
Chivadze Elene 13 years Tbilisi Georgia
Dombrovskaya Ani 15 years Tbilisi Georgia
Diakonova Polina 13 years Glasov Russia
Kapustina Olga 15 years Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Komarovskaia Olga 14 years Yessentuki Russia
Kutluk Jurat 14 years Xinjiang China
Leu Arina 14 years Bendery Pridnestrovie
Mackevitch Konstantin 13 years Yessentuki Russia
Magata Japaridze 15 years Mestia Georgia
Nueraminai Yakupu 13 years Urumchi China
Podtichenco Angelina 13 years Yessentuki Russia
Subbotin Aleksandr 14 years Bendery Pridnestrovie
Ulinetc Anna-Maria 14 years Balakleya Ukraine
Vasiliev Danil 15 years Kharkov Ukraine
Xiahenazi Yisilamu 13 years Atush China
Yuresko Elizaveta 16 years Bendery Pridnestrovie

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